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If you have concerns about the foreclosure of your mortgage, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. A foreclosure can have a serious effect on your credit score. If you don't take the right steps, you could have a deficiency judgment entered against you and have the entire amount of your mortgage due and payable.

Attorney Jake Miller brings over 15 years of experience to North Miami individuals facing home foreclosure. He knows the stress and anxiety that come with fears about keeping your home. He recognizes that your situation is unique, and he will take the time to learn the details of your case so that he can advise you of the best approach available to protect your rights. A longtime resident of South Florida, he understands the real estate market here and knows how to help you accomplish your objectives.

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North Miami Home Foreclosure Attorney

Attorney Miller will help you examine a wide range of responses and alternatives to foreclosure, including:

  • Home loan modification: The firm will help you seek new terms for your mortgage, modifying the interest rate or the length of the loan to reduce your monthly payments, if possible. Attorney Miller will also works to have the bank waive any late fees or penalties and strives to fold any past due amounts into a new mortgage.
  • Short sale of your property: Attorney Miller can help you get out from under your mortgage and avoid foreclosure through the short sale of your home, where you sell the property at market value, even if it is less than the principal amount remaining on your mortgage.
  • Deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure: The firm will also represent you if you want to transfer the deed to your property to your lender in lieu of foreclosure. Similar to a short sale, this option eliminates the need to list your home and try to sell it, but also puts you at the mercy of your lender with respect to how much the property will sell for.
  • Defenses to foreclosure: Attorney Miller may be able to raise defenses to foreclosure based on illegal or improper conduct by your lender, including predatory lending practices or failure to provide required disclosures.

You can also suspend any foreclosure proceedings by filing for bankruptcy protection. Attorney Miller offers representation in bankruptcy matters, and will help you evaluate whether that is a viable option

The Florida courts are also allowing mediation in home foreclosure proceedings. This allows you the opportunity to speak directly and privately with your lender to try to reach a resolution before foreclosure occurs. Attorney Miller has mediation experience and will represent you at the mediation proceeding.

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