Last Wills

A Last Will and Testament is a document where a person (Testator) sets out their wishes regarding the distribution of their property upon their death. The document may specify that the decedent’s property goes to their children or spouse for instance, or that a portion of their estate may be left to charity. Depending on the types of assets that are left behind and the wishes of the Testator, a Will can be fairly straight forward, or quite complicated. Either way, it is extremely important to have this document in place prior to the time of death.

The Last Will and Testament is an important document, but in the context of Estate Planning, it should also be looked at as one element. It might be that because of the Testator’s unique situation they should also have a Trust, or perhaps an Advanced Health Directive. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure that the Decedent’s rights are protected.

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